PSL disciplinary judgement on Nichrut FC

The Premier Soccer League Disciplinary Committee released the following judgement in the matter involving Nichrut FC v Caps United FC following incidents of violence that took place at Ascot Stadium on 28 April 2018




The Accused did not attend the hearing but communicated through its letter dated 14 May 2018 that it admitted the charges. It is accordingly found guilty as charged.


The Accused indicated that it sincerely regretted and apologized for the violent conduct of its supporters. It prayed that it be treated with leniency in view of the fact that it is its first time to “grace” the premiership. It put its fans’ conduct down to lack of knowledge and experience and asked for a “rehabilitation penalty” as a first offender.


The Committee took into account all the factors highlighted by the Accused. However, given the extent of the violence, which left many people injured and a lot of property damaged and which even police tear smoke failed to quell, a deterrent penalty is called for. Moreover, the violence was unprovoked and senseless as it appears to have arisen simply because the Accused’s fans are or were sour losers angered by losing a match they thought they should have won. Why that anger was directed at Caps United FC fans is difficult to understand and can only be described as barbaric. What particularly aggravates the offence is the proximity and availability of the dangerous weapons, beer bottles, bricks and logs that were used in the commission of the offence. Moreover, there is no indication that the Accused has taken steps to minimize the incidents of violence and ensure the safety of both soccer fans and property. One therefore hopes that a stiff fine will act as a reminder to the Accused to guard against such incidents or mishaps in the future.



In the circumstances, the Accused is sentenced to pay a fine of $4 000 of which $500 is suspended until the end of the season on condition the Accused does not within that period commit a similar offence. The effective fine of $3 500 together with the costs of the hearing shall be paid by Nichrut Football Club on or before the 31st of July 2018.