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Fathers Day or Not

Fathers day is fast approaching, the daggers will come out and the fight for dominance of the day will be all over our timelines as females who have been doing it all by themselves will come out to claim the day as theirs. Is it not enough seeing they have women’s and mothers day to celebrate and now in recent years we hear more voices especially from the single mother claiming the right to celebrate the day, all in the name of raising the child alone. For all we know there is always resistance from the males to say just because you are hurt or bitter and raised the child alone does it make you a father? After all what and who is a father? No disrespect , but the anatomy for one should probably tell you , know your place.You had your mother’s day ,let us celebrate ours in peace too.Well so the fathers hope. Brace yourselves, June 19 will be a battle ground and one can only wonder how the “fathers” and those “single moms ” who say “..I deserve it .. will agree to disagree. Meanwhile here is to all the responsible fathers out there.Happy fathers Day.